The website (Translated Travel Southern Africa) is a French accommodation and touring directory website managed by Buddy Web Design who also operate the niche Afrikaans website Their is a definite need for websites to be done in native languages. (A large number of French speaking people specifically dislikes speaking English.)

Our French directory focusses on Southern Africa wildlife experiences. While we assist French speaking people wishing to book accommodation inside a National Park of Southern Africa we offer advertising opportunities for private establishments

Our SEO Strategy

Our major SEO strategy is firstly to do the whole website in French. French is the official language of 29 countries. To be successful with a directory website one needs to have a critical number of listings which is why we offer the listings at such an affordable price. Being a "Book Direct directory our website will include a large number of outgoing links to individual establishments which will benefit our rankings on search engines.

Once off listing fee

Our once of listing fee is R990. (Valid until 25 June 2016 whereafter a translation fee will be added)

What do you get?

You get a mini website on this website describing your unique offering in French. You get a link to your own website, which will benefit you in terms of SEO. We do not include rates on your mini website as this will require annual maintenance.

Other services

Complete French Website

We can design a French Website for your business which costs +- R5,000, hosted at R150 p.m.

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